Use boxmen walkthrough Cheats, Hints or Tips

Use Boxmen is a latest Puzzle game which is developed by Greg Sergeant, where you get star twins who copy your actions. Use the arrow keys to turn, press the Shift to make a clone. Clones are allocated the similar action you create at the instant of casting. The complexity increases at a constant rate. It has a 7 level and the Final Level is a very hard. Press the R key when you mess up to restart a level.

Use Boxmen description : Use Boxmen friends to get ahead in this puzzle platformer! 3rd game from Greg Sergeant, and he put a lot of shot into it, everything is a new step. I think, If You finish this game you can definitely pizza for yourself.

Use boxmen walkthrough | Use boxmen Cheats, Hints or Tips

Level 1: This one is easy to understand, only jump off the beginning platform to the next and again for the one with the cube/smiley face.

Level 2: walk on top of the button, and create a stationary boxman. Then go touch the cube.

Level 3: Jump of the beginning platform and you create a boxman just right after you go by the midway point.

Level 4: Walk towards the switch, and when you obtain correct underneath the higher platform, makes a boxman. The moving boxman should flip the switch and provide entree to the cube.

Level 5: Go to the platform with the switch and build a stationary boxman just left of the switch. Then walk to the right and make a touching boxman. Walk to the top and get the cube!

Level 6: First, make a stationary boxman just right of the maker. Then, make a moving boxman among the wall and the previous boxman. Jump onto the now-moving platform and wait till you reach the top.

Level 7: Make a crouching boxman at the right-most point of the backwards G platform. Go to the left-most point, and make a boxman that is going towards the crouching one. Get to the cube before the wall is closed. 

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