Rovio launches Angry Birds Epic Role-Playing Game for free on all App Stores

Wait is over now because the Rovio’s Angry Birds Epic Role-Playing Game is available free on all App stores. So, download and enjoy this large fantasy piggy Island.

The latest part in the very popular “Angry Birds” series -“Angry Birds Epic" is available for download. The new one is derived by Rovio. There are drastic changes in the new game as compared the previous Angry Birds games. Angry Birds Epic is the Angry Birds' first role-playing game presenting the classical Angry Birds as legendary heroes. The heroes in the Epic are the dastardly King Pig, his advisor Wiz Pig and his son Prince Porky. Angry Birds Epic made its arrival on all App Store and it is totally free to download.

Rovio's Angry Birds Epic on all App Stores

In this RPG adventure, players can explore a fantasy version of Piggy Island crammed with mysterious caves, frosty mountains, tropical beaches, and lots of other thrilling locations. The angry birds have to bring down the king pig, Wiz Pig and Prince Porky to save their eggs from being scrambled. In Epic, the person who plays the game gets to transform the birds into legendary hero. Players can craft weird and curious weapons, Level up characters, armor and potions.

Both casual gamers and die-hard RPG fans can download and play the new Angry Birds Epic Role-Playing Game free for Android, iOS and windows mobile phones. For iOS phone download it from Apple App Store, for android devices download from Google Play store and for Windows Phone from Windows Phone Store. The Epic is also available as free at Amazon AppStore. Download and explore the Epic adventure filled with weapons, magic, bad guys and silly hats!

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