Nintendo Wii U: Release date & Price in UK

Nintendo, the Japanese company has announced a new console named Nintendo Wii U. This will get the latest features of a TV and video. As per the reports, the device will have more than 50 games at the time of launch. It will be offered in two different colors – white and black. The Basic set is offered in white at an approximate price of $299.99 whereas the Deluxe Set that features additional accessories, higher storage capacity and the new Nintendo Land video game will be offered in black at an approximate price tag of $349.99.

Nintendo Wii U: Release date & Price in UK

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The device gives a traditional console along with a GamePad that looks like a tablet controller. The GamePad is expected to be more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360 machines. It will allow two or more people to play the similar game simultaneously. According to the press reports, the device will get new games like New Super Mario Bros U and mini-game collection NintendoLand. GamePad will allow the users to create their own TV & video programming lists and record shows by the means of TiVo and other digital recording services.

The GamePad will work as a remote controller because it will permit the users to browse through the GamePad with the help of controllers located on the sides. The device will capture scenes from live TV and display them on controller where the users can comment and share them on Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, the users will be able to select their favorite scenes and send them to the other Wii users.

The console will have an internal memory of 8GB for the basic set and 32GB for the deluxe set. It is expected that the memory of the device will be further expanded. Wii U will be the first console machine to get launched after years by a major gaming company (Nintendo). The console will offer twenty three original Wii U games. Games like Ubisoft's exclusive Wii U title Zombie U, Darksiders II from THQ, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be included. The device is expected to get released by 18th of November & 8th of December in the U.S. and Japan respectively.

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