Heroes of Newerth Login Failed

Posted By rajivmishra40 on Sep 04, 2009   FROM: forums.heroesofnewerth.com report abuse

Heroes of Newerth (Hon) is still saying Login Failed. There is no any clarification behind it. It may be server Down problem. Some experts says it's Database updation problem so it will be available soon. And you can login easily into Heroes of Newerth. So be patient and Stay tunes.

Essentially DOTA with updated graphics and a better interface. It was cool how they even got permission from Icefrog even though they probably didn’t need it.

Same game play as DOTA and same heroes (although new names and spell effects) What I think is the best is that it opens the game play up for different maps. I’ve only played two maps (the original and a vertical like one) thus far, but has a lot of potential!! It basically feels like they took everything that was kind of annoying about battle.net/warcraft3/dota and fixed it, along with implementing a ton of new stuff like VoIP. It’s still in beta but fun as hell!!

Facebook has uploaded Video.

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