GTA 5 release date & Trailer Video Emerged

A most awaited game of GTA series – GTA 5’s releasing date and trailer video is a hottest news for those people who are crazy for GTA and feeling like thier waiting for GTA 5 is worthy after watching the trailer of GTA 5. Firstly GTA 5 was expected to launch in spring but it is pushed back with the releasing date of 17 September, 2013. Developer of GTA 5 – Rockstar said that it is the most ambitious and biggest game they have made. You can experience gun fighting; car-jacking, police-baiting action that you have enjoyed in the older versions but the thrill and some techniques may seem different and amazing one.

Video of GTA 5 shows the details of three playable chrachters namely Michael, Franklin and Trevor and you will also get inforamtion about the amazing graphics used to enhance the playing area. For the craziest fans of the GTA 5 one special eddition will be released for $79.99, which will give you some special character abilities that will be not available in the regular eddition. If you can’t wait till the releasing date of the GTA 5 then, you can pre-order it on

One another Collector’s Edition cost little high as $149.99 and it also gives you benefits of special edition plus a security deposit bag and logo key, cap, classic characters for the online experience, and a host of unique vehicles and garage property. It will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It is also available for pre-ordering at GTA 5 will acquire more storage space on your PC nearly 8GB or little more to be precise.

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video:

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