Gameloft’s Zombiewood Game for Android released

A new game named Zombiewood has been unveiled by Gameloft recently. Gameloft has revealed this zombie killing game for Android. In Zombiewood game, you will play as a college student who has to face dangers in order to find his lost girlfriend. Travel through California, which is filled with zombies and experience a massive attack of insane zombies but do not get killed.

Gameloft's Zombiewood Game for Android released

Zombiewood is among the most addictive cellphone games released till now, along with sixty-eight fun missions and super-intuitive gameplay. There are 13 maps that you have to discover to finish the assigned missions on foot or by driving a vehicle. You will get different types of weapons ranging from dynamite, flamethrower to shotguns.

Shooting, adventure and action are 3 genres of this game. Zombiewood has several levels that are enthused by Hollywood films. Currently, this game is not available on Google Play. You will get this game for $2.99 (starting) from Gameloft stores. The price of the Zombiewood depends on the device you posses.

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