Play Game to give fight to global poverty

Global Poverty is increasing rapidly. Everyone wants to fight against global poverty…but as a result of broad corruption and lack of money; they back their feet. Numbers of foundations are working under the aim of reducing global problems like global warming, poverty, natural calamities, etc. But many people do not trust on this type of foundation, so they try to find the way from which they can donate money directly. Many people suffer from financial problems, so they cannot help this type of foundation. is working for those people who would like to fight against global poverty. It does not receive any money from people to become helpful to poor people. People just need to play “follow the wings” game to give fight to global poverty. For each playing, it adds $1 to CARE to help fight global poverty. No limit for playing game, so people can earn maximum money for fighting to global poverty. Play Game to give fight to global poverty has been sponsored by LUNESTA, which work for CARE that is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting global poverty and helping women. Now you have great opportunity to become helpful to CARE to give fight to global poverty. Follow The Wings is online game, available only for 18 years of age or older United States residents. If you really think to help poor people with lots of enjoyment, then it becomes best choice for you where you can help by playing game. The structure of the site is simple and easy to understand. The information of playing game is provided on the site very clearly so no one faces any difficulty for finding it.

To play the game to give fight to global poverty, you do not require registration, but you must provide your identity that you are 18 years old or older US resident. Once you give your identity, the key information about the game will be displayed on the site. You can play the Follow The Wings game by arrow keys – left, forward, right and back and also “P” for pause. In this game, you have to fly over coins and flowers to collect points and avoid hawks and crows when you travel level 1. You can earn $ 1 for CARE everyday by playing game or every time by sharing game. Each eligible person can share game with approximately 20 members. You can help CARE from 17 October, 2011 to 31 March, 2012.

People can earn $1 by completing all levels of the game perfectly. Playing process of each level is almost same; in each level you have to collect coins by different things and save yourself from different enemies. The main goal of the site is to raise $100,000 for CARE. No need of any extra quality to play the game online, you just need to have control on your key for moving your character. As the game passes on, the difficulty level of the game will be increased, so you have to concentrate on your game to achieve $1.


  • Get $1 for CARE
  • Earn money by sharing games with eligible person
  • Play game with arrow keys
  • Each level is set with similar playing process


  • Game available until March 2012 only
  • Only available for United States residents who are 18 years or older

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