CycloManiacs Walkthrough & Cheats

This is very easy game to play along with fun. This game will take time to complete and it is little bit tough to achieve all 70 points but after you finish you can not imagine how happy you will be!

CycloManiacs Walkthrough | Cyclomaniacs Cheats

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Description: Flash Based Game for bike racing. There will be 20 funny riders and bikes to unlock, 26 tracks, 70 achievements, and 20 bike horns.

CycloManiacs Walkthrough

Your task in this bike racing game is to ride your bike through tonnes of stunt races as you peddle through 26 tracks using up to 20 bikes. There are also 70 achievements to unlock. Use the WASD or ARROW KEYS to control the bike, use "X" KEY or SPACEBAR to bunny hop, "B" KEY to use your horn (if you have one).

You can get 70 points to earn and achievements by following ways:

  • “Let’s Get This Party Started!” Badge: 5 points
  • Extra character unlocked First Badge: 15 points
  • First-place finishes Pimp My Bike Badge: 15 points (35 total upgrades + 5 horns unlocked)
  • Downhill Domination Badge: 30 points
  • Total: 70 achievements completed

Cyclomaniacs Cheat Codes

  • CHEESE: Low Gravity
  • GERBIL: Super Gravity
  • ELVIS: Auto Boot
  • HADDOCK: Haddock Costume
  • SNEAKY START: To do a sneak start with any bike, press UP as just before the word go is about to appear.

CycloManiacs Walkthrough in Text

The Dunes

Track 1 Gentle Start: Use the bunny hop at the top of hills to give yourself enough height to complete a somersault to gain boost.

Track 2 Getting Bigger: Practice getting all the height you can off the ramps, or learn to use your radar to judge where the pickups are going to be.

Track 3 Big Drift: Early on in the race, use the big hills to perform multiple summersaults to build up boost multiplier. Later on slow down and hop over the hills or you can use a bunny hop to jump over them.

Track 4 Dried up river bed: The key on this one is using the bunny hop to jump the pebbles in the bed. A bike with good wheelie ability CMR C, spoke or cycle king is a good idea.

Sunset City

Track 1 Slightly Urban
Track 2 Central Park
Track 3 Bus Jumper
Track 4 The Car Park


Track 1 The caves
Track 2 Ski jumps
Track 3 Zigzag
Track 4 The Glacier


Track 1 Foothills
Track 2 Up the mountain
Track 3 Rivers of Fire
Track 4 Down Down


Track 1 Craters
Track 2 Jaggies
Track 3 Biscuit Hills
Track 4 Big craters

You can read the entire text of CycloManiacs Walkthrough and tracks at

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