How To Get COD MW2 Titles : (Modern Warfare) MW2 Emblems List

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) was released to improve the quality of Modern Warfare game from COD. Now gamers have good news that there are a lot of titles and emblems of Modern Warfare 2 so everybody can customize their character in the Modern Warfare 2 Callsign Editor where they can set individual title and emblem. Here is provided information of COD Modern Warfare 2 Titles, Emblems List including videos.

COD MW2 Titles : (Modern Warfare) MW2 Emblems List - How To Get Them

COD stands for call of duty. In call of duty, modern Warfare 2, a new feature is introduced that are Callsigns. To help differentiate individual players, who can customize their Callsign according to their unique personal tastes and preferences, Callsigns are used. Callsigns are similar in nature to name tags. The name of the player, a title, an emblem, their level, rank, and clan tag are several elements of a Callsigns.

On the user interface several times at particular events during multiplayer gameplay: whenever a player kills or is killed by another player, when a player completes or affects an objective in a match, when a player is being spectated (including killcams), or other significant events such as calling in major killstreak rewards or executing multikills the Callsign of a relevant player can appear.

Modern Warfare® 2 CallSigns and Emblem List

  • 1st Lt. – Reach 1st Lieutenant Class
  • 1st Sgt. Digital camo – Reach Sergeant First Class
  • 1bullet2kills Bullet – Get collateral damage in a game i.e. (2 kills with 1 bullet)
  • 2Fast Car wheel – 5 kills with Sleight of Hand (?)
  • 3 – ?
  • 10 Thief – ?
  • Absentee Killer – Get a Game Winning Killcam with a Sentry Gun
  • Airborne Steel with rivets & woman (Possibly from getting the ‘Hard Landing’ challenge)(Possibly from using AC130 3x)
  • All Pro – Get a Collateral Headshot
  • All Your Base Aircraft carriers -?
  • Accident Prone First aid equipment – X number of suicides#
  • Angel of Death AC130s – ?
  • …Read more from Here

Videos of COD Modern Warfare 2 titles and emblems list and how to unlock them from youtube:

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