Apples to Apples Online Version

Do you know, now popular Apples to Apples party game has come in online version at Now you can play this fantastic game on Windows, Mac, or Linux. An Apples to Apples is a party game which requires only social skills to play. It is an award winning game now published by Mattel and originally published by Out of the Box. It is very enjoyable and entertained multiplayer card game that focuses on world comparisons. Here is provided the details of Apples to Apples online version and how to play the game including video to see the steps of playing the game.

Apples to Apples Online Version

Apples to Apples is one of the best and entirely different games of all time and anyone can play this game whenever they want. The original Apples to Apples Core Set were the first entry in the Apples to Apples Series. Up to 4 to 10 players can play this game and it is easy as Apple to Apple box game. There are multiple ways to do most of the actions to make game play more user-friendly. Its all about luck and sense of humor and its just a simple way to have fun and laugh with friends.

In December 1999, Apples to Apples was named as "Party Game of the Year" in the issue of Games magazine and in May 1999 received the National Parenting Center's seal of approval. This game was chosen by Mensa International as a "Mensa Select" game prizewinner, an award given to five games each year. The game include various versions given below,

Game Versions:

  • Apples to Apples Junior
  • Apples to Apples Junior 9+
  • Apples to Apples Kids
  • Apples to Apples: Jewish Version
  • Apples to Apples: Bible Edition
  • Apples to Apples: British Isles Edition

Apple to Apple Online Version:

The popular Apples to Apples online version was created using the VASSAL engine. At an online version of Apples to Apples is available for free download. The online version offers a total of approximately 2,700 different Apples to Apples cards.

Screenshot of Online Apples to Apples:

Apples to Apples Online Version

How to Play Apples to Apples game?

Apples to Apples consists only two decks of cards like Things and Descriptions. The full introduction about game is as follows,

  • Each player is dealt seven red apple cards, on each is printed a noun or noun phrase.
  • The judge draws a green apple card which contains an adjective and places it face up for everyone to see.
  • The players review their cards and each pick the card that best matches with the green card. This card is placed face down.
  • The judge picks up all the cards, shuffles them and then reads them aloud. He picks the red card that best matches the green card. The person who put down that card wins the round and picks up the green card to signify the win.
  • Each player picks another red apple card to keep seven cards in their hand.
  • The game continues in this manner until either a set number of green cards has been accumulated by a single player or until everyone is ready to end the game and the winner is the person with the most green cards.

You can play online version of Apple to Apple game here.

Read more about Apple to Apple game here.

Online Apples to Apples Tutorial 1: playing the game video:

Online Apples to Apples Tutorial 2: Joining a game video (YouTube):

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