Pictures of Planking People

Nowadays, planking is a very popular and growing fad that involves the balancing of the bodies by unique and creative way in an unusual or strange location. Originating from Australia, planking was a type of game ‘play death’ as an object where people imagine dying with the body and countenance to the floor. Perpetrators do planking by capturing a photograph lying face down on his stomach with his feet and hands on the floor. While doing planking, the hands must touch the sides of the body. As an integral part of the game, photographs of planking are posted on the Internet these days.

Pictures of Planking People

Players are competing to discover the most strange and original location in which they play. Unluckily, some people have already been killed and wounded while planking on highways atop buildings and running cars. Usually, planking is done at public places so the imagination of each picture is unique. Young generation wants to do something that shocks the older generation. As anyone can do it and people love to enjoy competing, planking is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Planking can be dangerous if not done in a proper way. Everyone likes a bit of fun, however the focal point has to be on staying yourself safe first. The ridiculous new craze, planking has also given rise to some planking safety slogans such as “Think before you plank” or “Don’t drink and plank”. If you're going to do planking, then first ensure that you do it safely. Keep in mind that dangerous planking is not funny at all.

What is Planking? video from Youtube:

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