Halloween: Scary holidays

Roots of the holiday Halloween back to the beliefs of the ancient Celts, who lived on the territory of modern Ireland. This is a typical pagan festival with a rich history, but Halloween Witch he, unlike the many other pre-Christian holidays are not sunk into oblivion. On the contrary, it has spread throughout the world and is widely celebrated contemporary youth. That is why the scope of its celebrations, such as the United States, comparable to the popular Christian holiday of Christmas.

Halloween Scary holidays

Halloween in understanding today's youth – a countercultural holiday and that is what caused it wildly popular around the world. In contrast to the grandmother's Christmas when taken behave, attend church and gather for the dinner table as a family, it assumes otvyaznom, fun and dancing until dawn in creepy costumes. Thus, the festival gained like two faces: traditional – with a modest worshiping dead ancestor, common, for example, in Europe and countercultural worship evil spirits, which we see in the last day of October in clubs and carnivals around the world.

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