Carlos Coy, South Park Mexican (SPM ) Dead?

Rumous are stirring-up the web today that Carlos Coy, the South Park Mexican (SPM) rapper died in jail today. According to News source South Park Mexican died rumors hitting today are fake. SPM is not dead, he is still in jail.

SPM is still alive and well. A Rumor is being spread that he died today 7-8-09 but it is not true. He is fine.

Carlos Coy, South Park Mexican (SPM ) Dead?

The Texas born rapper grew up in the South Park neighborhood. He began rapping and produced albums with his own label, Dope House Records. However, in 2005 he was sentenced to 45 years in prison after charged with seven counts of sexual assault against a nine-year-old girl.

Watch SPM "In My Hood" Music Video

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