British Royal Family Tree

Are you searching for the full history of British Royal Family Tree? Here is provided the important details about British Royal Family Tree. The group of close relatives of the monarch of the UK is the British Royal Family. For any genealogist, reading a royal family tree is a fascinating pastime.

There is no legal or formal classification in the UK of who is or is not a member of the Royal Family, but diverse lists includes different people, those carrying the style His or Her Majesty (HM) or His or Her Royal Highness (HRH) are known as members. At present, British Royal Family people are the members of the House of Windsor.

In a range of places all over the British Empire, members and relatives of the British Royal Family historically represented the monarch, sometimes for specific ceremonies or events or sometimes for extended periods as viceroys. They frequently perform ceremonial and social duties nowadays throughout the UK and overseas on behalf of the UK, but away from the monarch.

The photo given below is of the members of the Royal Family who met for a dinner celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh.

British Royal Family Tree

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  1. 871 – Present Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II
  2. 871 – 1066 Houses of Wessex, Denmark
  3. 1066 – 1216 House of Normandy
  4. 1216 – 1485 Plantagenet, York, Lancaster
  5. 1485 – 1603 House of Tudor
  6. 1306 – 1603 Scottish Bruce & Stewart
  7. 1603 – 1714 House of Stuart
  8. 1714 – 1917 House of Hanover
  9. 1917 – Present House of Windsor
  10. 2009 – Royal Family of Elizabeth II

List of present members of the Royal Family are as under:

  • HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (her consort)
  • TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall (The Queen’s eldest son and his second wife)
  • TRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (The Queen’s cousin and his wife)
  • TRH The Duke and Duchess of Kent (The Queen’s cousin and his wife)
  • TRH Prince and Princess Michael of Kent (The Queen’s cousin and his wife)
  • TRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex (The Queen’s third son and his wife)
  • Viscount Severn (The Earl of Wessex’s son)
  • Lady Louise Windsor (The Earl of Wessex’s daughter)
  • HRH Prince William of Wales (The Prince of Wales’s elder son)
  • HRH Prince Henry of Wales (The Prince of Wales’s younger son)
  • HRH The Duke of York (The Queen’s second son)
  • HRH Princess Beatrice of York (The Duke of York’s elder daughter)
  • HRH Princess Eugenie of York (The Duke of York’s younger daughter)
  • HRH The Princess Royal (The Queen’s daughter)
  • HRH Princess Alexandra, The Honorable Lady Ogilvy (The Queen’s cousin) [Link] is the foremost genealogy site which gives message boards for royalty and nobility. [Link]

The official website of the royal family of the United Kingdom is [Link]

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Brit [Link]

This website provides a complete family tree of British royalty from Alfred the Great (849-2009). It consists of biographies of kings and queens, lines of succession and time lines. [Link]

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Royal Family of Elizabeth II 2009 Photo:

British Royal Family Tree


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