World’s Dirtiest Man, No bath since 60 years

Do you know about Amoo Haji, the world’s dirtiest man? Check out why he had not taken bath since 60 years and other weird habits of him.

For how long can you remain without taking bath? Probably one week or fortnight or one month, but is it possible for you to remain without bath for sixty years. Yes, sixty years might not be possible for you but Amoo Haji has made it possible. Amoo Haji is 80 years old from the Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars in Iran, who has set a record of not taking the bath for 60 years. Haji broke the record of 69 years old Kailash Singh from India, who remain without bath for 38 years. According to Amoo Haji, cleanliness made him sick. He also avoids fresh food and clean water for drinking.

Amoo Haji

His much loved food is rotten porcupine meat, which doesn't mean that he hates everything else. He even eats rotten meat of dead animals delightfully. To drink water, he uses large rusty oil can. As per Tehran Times report, he has chosen this weird lifestyle after some emotional blow during his youth time. Now you may think where he is living, so some of his neighbors build a stone shack for him and he rests in a hole in the ground resembling a grave.

He has many shocking habits. When you need a haircut where do you go? The obvious answer is barber. But this dirtiest man simply burns his hair in a fire. In order to protect himself from harsh cold waves, he wears a helmet and lights up many cigarettes at a time. To keep the track of his face, he uses mirrors of the passing cars.

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