Richard Lee Norris gets great makeover after Gun Accident

Richard Lee Norris, a 37 year old Virginia resident, lost his lips, nose and teeth in a gun accident in 1997. He has got a new face in his latest face transplant. It was a 36 hours operation carried out between March 19 and March 20, by the doctors at the US medical centre. As per the doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Centre, it was the most extensive face transplant till date.

Richard Lee Norris gets great makeover after Gun Accident

After 15 years of wearing a mask and living as a loner he got a new nose, teeth and jaw. He even used to shop only at night in order to avoid the stares of people. After the accident, Norris had undergone several reconstructive surgeries but had limited use of his mouth. Before the last surgery, it appeared as if his lower face and nose had been mashed. After last week's surgery, Norris is recovering well. He is beginning to feel his face and already shaving and brushing his teeth. He had lost his sense of smell after the accident, now he has regained that as well.

After seeing his new face in the mirror, he hugged the doctor. This transplant has given Norris not only a new face but also a new life. The doctors at the University of Maryland told that only 23 face transplant procedures have been performed till date across the world. The first one was carried out 7 years ago in France when Isabelle Dinoire, a 38-year-old woman was given a new face after being mauled by a dog.

Video of U.S Face Transplant: most entensive to date from youtube:

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