Phoneutria, a spider that causes long erection in men

Phoneutria are famous all over the world as wandering spiders of Brazil or banana spiders. These spiders are the beasts of the Ctenidae family that includes wandering spiders. They are mostly found in tropical South and Central America. Phoneutria are known as extremely poisonous spiders and highly defensive in this areas. The bite of Phoneutria spider is dangerous to the extent that the victim reaches the bed of the hospital. The venom of this spider inserts erection in the body of bitten man for several hours. The symptoms of the bite are easily caught by doctors in the hospital as it is responsible for the lethal penis boost.

Phoneutria, a spider that causes long erection in men

Patients are not only facing pain in whole body but their blood pressure also increases. Apart from all these smaller symptoms, the big fatal sign is of uncomfortable erection. A physiologist named Dr Kenia Nunes has put some shadow on the deep study about this spider bite. This spider is more dangerous for men. The most serious part of this spider is its venom or poison which is the strong mixture of several molecules. Such molecules are toxins that have ability to insert different activity in the body of the victim. When Phoneutria bites any man then it includes Priapism, a condition in which the penis erects continuously. This kind of condition becomes irresistible by that man which can also cause death.

Along with these long-term erections, the venom of the spider spread in victim’s body also results in loss of muscle control, breathing difficulty and in some cases the wriggling death. But, scientists are searching some tricks and medicine to get rid of such toxic side effects and solve the erectile dysfunction caused by the bite in a very cautious way. Till now the statistical data obtained reveals that from 7,000 real cases of humans bitten by this wandering spider, around 10 men are died.

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