Karla Vanessa Perez is Pregnant with nine babies

Mexican woman, Karla Vanessa Perez, is in headlines nowadays as she is pregnant with an incredible nine babies. As per the report on Thursday from the country's main broadcaster Televisa, she is expecting six girls and three boys. She is from the northeastern Mexican state of Coahuila and already mother of triplets. As per Reuters’ reports, Karla Vanessa Perez is getting treatment at a hospital in the state capital Saltillo and she received the multiple pregnancy from fertility treatments. The due date of this future mom is May 20.

Karla Vanessa Perez is Pregnant with nine babies

Nickname for 32-year-old, Karla Vanessa Perez, has already been selected as "Nonomom" by Gawker. She claimed financial hardship, and her town mayor Ernesto Cepeda Valdes is promised her to be like godparents to those babies and give all the possible support. The idea of the 'mega-multiple mom' has turned into a contemporary Icarus story. As well as, this indicates how medical improvements can cause amazing physical achievements and unforeseen troubles.

Now, Perez’s doctors are focusing on her healthy delivery and she is expecting that everything goes well. Birth of multiples causes serious health risks for both mom and infants. Women could face the problems of high blood pressure, internal bleeding, and heart problems by carrying so many fetuses at once. In addition, these stages take one or more of the babies at the risk for birth defects and losses.

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