Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before after Photos

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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before after Photos

Has anyone seen Carrot Top before and after his plastic surgery photos? In order to reduce the gross deformity of his face caused as a result of steroid dosage, Carrot Top has undergone plastic surgery. I think that Carrot Top has undergone some pretty radical body morphing and some other surgery.

At least until 2000, Carrot Top was a normal looking man. But after that his face changed and become very stranger. I think he had also done some major face and brow lifts and also some lip injections.


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5 years 4 weeks

dump answer

What the hell are you talking about? you are the one full o BS, just another douche trying to justifice his vigorexia. Pathetic.

5 years 6 weeks


The plastic surgery post about carrot top is the stupidest thing ever. And he doesn't have to be on steroids to add muscle. I was 130lbs at 12.75 bodyfat and went to 186lbs with 8% bodyfat in just over a years time, no sterioids needed. So quit the BS posts about him already.

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