Buy Inflatable mat to walk, run, or lounge on water

Do you want to walk on the water freely? If so, then you don’t require a miracle anymore; you can do it by yourself with the help of “Inflatable Walk On Water Mat”. This cool inflatable mat can help you to walk, run or lounge on water without sinking or flipping. It is just like to have your own moveable little Island. It is 18' long and it can carry up to six people (adults). It is ideal for cannon balls, cartwheels or sprinting. It is available for $1000 that may be a little out of budget.

Buy Inflatable mat to walk, run, or lounge on water

Inflatable Walk On Water Mat” is prepared from durable, reinforced 500-denier polyester fabric which is combined with 28 oz. PVC layers. 500-denier polyester fabric is fire retardant and UV treated. The mat is 2" high and supports up to 1000 pounds/454kg. It sports a PVC piping and an air bladder. They can be inflated in just 5 minutes. You can easily fold up the mat into the built-in shoulder bag for travel and storage.

The smooth exterior of the mat lets slip-sliding or offers a comfy and soft surface for lounging. To use this mat, the water must be at least 4' deep. An anchor is suggested but it is not included. The mat is for all the persons above 5 years. The mat measures 18'L x 5’ x 2” and comes with lifetime guarantee.

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