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Mara University of Technology (UiTM) has provided Uitm student portal, where students can login with their account information to view the result of test/exam and check progress report of each semester. The most recent information from Mara University of Technology is mentioned on the UiTM web portal.

Screenshot of Uitm Student Portal

 Login Guide for Uitm Student

About Mara University of Technology

Mara University of Technology is originally known as Universiti Teknologi Mara and shortened as UiTM. It is Malaysia’s one of the famous universities. In Malaysia, the Mara University of Technology is most favored by students. It received an award in 2009 from Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for the category of “The Best Universities in Malaysia”. To offer professional programs of study in various fields such as engineering, law, science, medicine, technology, business, arts and humanities as well as a research university, is the main objective of this university.

UiTM was founded in 1956 and located in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The university has 3 satellite campuses, 15 branch campuses, 9 city campuses, 19 affiliated colleges and a smart campus for the future in nationwide. Universiti Technologi Mara (UiTM) has 280 academic staff in its Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying.

The faculty staff is efficient in building, architecture, quantity surveying, building surveying, estate management, landscape architecture, surveying science & geometics, park & amenity management, town and regional planning, and interior architecture.

In the development of both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the faculty thinks research to be an essential activity. With a main feature being partnership with industry, commerce and other academic institutions, the faculty maintains an appropriate and distinct range of research activity in Malaysia and overseas.

The Faculty provides a range of postgraduate research programs including MSc, MPhil and Ph.D. Currently, it has over 400 postgraduate and registered research students and also maintains strong research relations with many research institutions, including Salford University, UK; University of Malaya, Malaysia; International Islamic University, Malaysia; Arizona State University, USA; RMIT, Australia; University of Reading, UK; AIT, Thailand; Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia; and Chualalungkon University, Thailand.

Uitm Student Portal

It is Student Information Gateway of Uitm that consists of latest information of Mara University of Technology. There are different recourses on this portal such as the Announcement, Primary Links including Intake, Institute of Graduate Studies, Event Calendar, Student and Academic Affairs, Examination, Convocation and Bursary; Advertisements, News Flash, Plea for Continuation of Study, UiTM Branch Campus as well as about Management Office Facility all details in one place.

If you are student of Uitm, then it is a must visited portal for you. It consist information about university academic calendar, course registration, validation and much more. By using this portal, student can check class timetable, examination time table, examination result, i-class, job vacancy as well as check personal email and messages.

UiTM Announcement

UiTM Announcement section is located at the centre of UiTM Student Portal page and contains a variety of latest information that is daily updated. This important section on the Web portal allows users to view the latest announcement about the university.

UiTM Student Portal Primary Links

At the left side of UiTM Student Portal home page, Primary Links are mentioned.

Intake:- Some of the Application links, including Mohe, UiTM, UiTM Student / Franchise and check the status are given in these links list.

Institute of Graduate Studies:- Links in this menu provides the information about Graduate and Post Graduate.

UiTM Event Calendar:- An Events Calendar is also displayed at UiTM Student Portal to record various activities in progress or which will take place in the future.

At last, there are also links including: Student and Academic Affairs, Examination Updates, Convocation and Bursary, etc.

At the top right side on the home page of UiTM Student Portal, Login and Register link is provided for the members. Exiting members can login at UiTM Student Portal using User ID and Password. If you are first time UiTM Student Portal User, then first register because without registration you can’t login in this web portal.

As well as the portal also consist links that point out supporting websites including: UiTM Digital Library, E-Counseling, Jobs Info, i-Learn Portal, Discussion Forum, Alumni Registration and Student Loans.

How to login on Uitm Student Portal?

Screenshot of Uitm Student Portal login page

 Login Guide for Uitm Student

1. You can access the UiTM Student Portal directly by using http://istudent.uitm.edu.my/stp/Newlogin/login.asp


2. You can go through Mara University of Technology official website, at http://www.uitm.edu.my/index.php/en, keep cursor on Current Student option at the center of home page, then you will find the list of more option, after clicking on Student Portal, you will be directed on the new page,

  • Click on "Login" option given at the top right side of page
  • Open the UiTM Student Portal login page
  • Enter User ID
  • Enter Password
  • Click on "Submit" button

Source: http://istudent.uitm.edu.my/stp/home/main2.asp

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