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Oh Ya Ricky, Oh Ya Ricky Play Games, Oh Ya Ricky Watch Videos, Oh Ya Ricky Earn Points

Oh Ya Ricky is dedicated to giving people the opportunity to do what they normally do on the internet and get rewarded. Play games, upload videos, watch videos, and refer friends in exchange for points which can be purchased for prizes.

1. Don’t submit online Download movie links, cracked software , full tv episodes, live streaming video or copyright pictures.
2. Don’t use same words in the story title or description again and again excessively. This is considered keyword spam.Google doesn’t like this nor we. Keep story description relevant.
3. Don’t enter story title in ALL UPPER CASE letters
4. Don’t submit adult stories related to porn, sex, nude, naked etc
5. Don’t submit illegal or copyrighted contents, live Streaming, torrents or spoofing materials.

Your account will be banned If you violate these rules.All your submitted stories will be deleted. Your site can not be added to ready2beat.com again

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