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Mate1.com is a popular online dating site and has several million members in over 200 countries! One of the most attractive things Mate1.com is reasonable to take a chance in a world of online dating. Mate1.com have membership in more than 16 million online dates with a discount of 50% men and 50% women in the most even playing on the Internet.


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Mate1.com e-mail and Mate1.com Models

Mate1.com is send fake e-mail Messages to Members who no longer pay high Membership Fees to lure them to pay $ 49.95 Monthly fee. These Recipients Receive an e-mail from Mate1.com some women have sent a Message to their Mate1 mail box. The only way they can read these fictitious Messages if they pay $ 49.95 fee!

Mate1.com Review

This is a clear, intimate adult dating site is free for women. Our focus is on the rich and serious dater 25 and upwards, you will see more and more empty and neighbor to his second Marriage. Mate1.com is made of a fine, high quality group of smart, attractive, successful people from all walks of life, all professions and all ages, living life fully.

Mate1.com takes privacy seriously. The information is not shared, and Mate1.com discourage you to share, even if you think someone you trust. The area is free for women, and absorbed the costs of their advertising. They allow you to decide when this information will be shared when you and your partner have reached the waiting step. Read More Information about Mate1.com Click Here.

Mate1.com Login or Sign

Finding the man of your dreams. Women who sign up for Mate1.com will Receive a free profile, where they can meet thousands of men in their area. Enter your e-mail ID and password on this page www.mate1.com Log in and find your special companion you've always been looking for.

Mate1 Internet Top 5 Mainstream dating sites and have a huge Membership. There have been plenty of success stories with people who have made incredible Relationships. Their fantastic partner who is waiting for you here. Log in to the best online dating site that is packed with features. Read More Information Click Here.

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32 weeks 2 days

I would like my account

I would like my account closed thank you. user name Fire_Thomas . E-mail thomasearle60@ yahoo.ca I keep getting E-mails from this sight. I have tried to close my profile. But have not been able to. Thank you for your help in this matter.

4 years 30 weeks

Dating Sites

If this is the only way for you bunch of dimwits to meet someone you all deserve to be scammed. First all dating sites are nothing but pimp me out sites. You pay them money to find you someone to date what do "Johns" and "whores" do??? I just wished I had thought of this before anyone else and I would be rich.

4 years 31 weeks

were not all bad

hi i just wanted you to know everyone in the world isnt bad, i just started on mate1 and the first guy i talked to for about 10 min , already hit me up for me to send him money , i deleted him off fast its not right,but youve got to remember theres some good in everyone ,even if it dont seem like it,

4 years 31 weeks

I want to cancel Mate 1. com

I need help to cancel this web site which is Mate 1. com as of today...none of the men on here do I like...Thank you,,Carole Wiseley

4 years 32 weeks


Beware. all you lonley weoman out there that looking for a mate on mate1 it is not all was it seems like there.there is a man who is calling his self william fleix18@yahoo.com ladys he is a scam,he gets to know u a little trys look for bonable weoman who he thinks that they got any money. ladys thats what this guy is looking for.he clames that he works in the scottland seas on a oil rig. and has a daughter name jane william and needs money and this man will pressure you for money. If he finds out that you are not wealthy and rich he will drop you, it would look like that mate 1 would invesgate this men just a little bit better than what they do i think that mate1 is a piss poor site for any single woman to look for men. sign: i wont justes done!

4 years 37 weeks

jealous ass women

I spent time chatting , emailing and talking on the phone with a woman from mate1.com she visted me of course she was nothing like her profile she was a fat fake with a lot of mouth however there was a loss in the connection and I was honest w her about her, of course she wanted to continue to be friends no problem with me I agreed but the twist is she was already talking to someone else that was talking to who I was interested in well she told the person that I was deeply in love with and shared feelings for that we slept together and that we had a relationship and totally ruined what I had built with the new person of interest the moral of the story is there are some extremely cruel, low self esteem, haters, jealous,envy, lown down and dirty women on mate1.com I really did believe after waiting so long to meet someone I had found that person but because I was honest and told the fat one that I did not like her she ruined my chance at happiness again. I am so hurt and broken I hurt myself to take away the pain I will never believe in love again and as much as I love women I hate them right now equally

4 years 41 weeks

EMILY LEWIS, fake or real?

MATE1 should check if EMILY LEWIS is a real person or a fake character by croocks from Nigeria

4 years 42 weeks

Looking for MATE1 - Emily Lewis

Its urgency to fid Emily Lewis from MATE1

4 years 43 weeks


What a piss poor company!!! I signed up for the three free days and without my consent I was billed $50.00 from my account. I have tried everyday now for the last week to log on and I am unable to. I have sent emails to the company informing them about my account and they keep sending my electronic messages telling me that they will get back with me to solve my issues. What a joke!!! ghh52@yahoo.com

5 years 18 weeks

Love's not love if it alteration finds....

i cant open my mate1 page...and iind my match eit cant fher...lol. just as well i suppose? Love is a touchy subject....

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