Makinghomeaffordable.gov Official Info

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MakingHomeAffordable.gov | Makinghomeaffordable.gov Official Information

MakingHomeAffordable.gov is a Government website. The President Barack Obama White House launched a new website Makinghomeaffordable.gov on 19th March 2009. This is a fairly simple site.

Makinghomeaffordable.gov Official Info

This site is to provide homeowners a one-stop shop to begin to research options to decrease mortgage payments and stop foreclosures. Makinghomeaffordable.gov is a top 5,000 site that reaches over 681K U.S. monthly people. The site attracts a very slightly womanly biased, fairly wealthy, further cultured, middle aged throng.

The website provides free assistance to home owners who may be in difficulty or just want to take benefit of new programs to refinance at inferior rates. There's too help in finding counselors to assist navigate through the always complicated process.

Heading on the Leading Page

There are Four Headings on the Makinghomeaffordable.gov site home page. Heading 1: Are You Eligible, Heading 2: Learn about Making Home Affordable, Heading 3: New: Asked and Answered Questions, Heading 4: Getting the Help you need.

Fast Facts about Makinghomeaffordable.gov website

  • Provides information on Barack Obama's mortgage plan
  • Website is a project of the U.S. Department of Treasury
  •  Website has a "look up you loan" feature
  • Includes a calculator that allows homeowners to calculate their mortgage payments to see how much of a reduction could be available under the plan
  • Only loans by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are eligible for the programs
  • Website assists homeowners by providing resources necessary to work out mortgage modifications or refinancing loans through the Making Home Affordable and Home Affordable Modification plan
  • To determine if you qualify, you must answer a few questions on the website
  • Provides information on how to find a free HUD approved counselor
  • Provides a checklist of documents needed before calling the mortgage lender or server
  • Hotline Number: (888) 995-4673

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