Indian School Certification Examination Council 2008

Full form of CISCE is Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The CISCE Examinations are held by the non-government Borld name is school education in India. The school education in India board conducts two examination like ICSE (Indian School Secondary Education) and ISC (Indian School Certificate). The council for the Indian School Certification Examination will be started so soon.

Indian School Certificate Examination in the form of an examination has been prepared, through the recommendations of the English in 1986, according to the new education policy after a two-year course of study beyond the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (10 years) examination or its equivalent is . Indian School Certification Examination (Class XII) is considered to be equivalent to the examination of Scotland’s University senior. This implies that students will no longer be necessary to receive the ‘A’ level courses or the ability of the bridge, while the demand for Britain to enter universities and other foreign universities in the Commonwealth. Indian School of the only qualification is that the certificate of merit this special recognition was given to India. Read more at wiki pages..

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