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About Colorado Technical University :

The official website of Colorado Technical University is www.coloradotech.com.Login to Virtual Campus provided by Colorado Technical University at Campus.CTUOnline.Edu to get online learning experience. Visit http://www.ctuvirtualtour.com/ for virtual tour of technologically advanced Virtual Campus of CTU Online.

Colorado Technical University was established in 1965 in the Colorado city of the USA. It provides career training, accredited programs, college degrees, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. Programs like Surgical Technology, Information Technology, Management, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, Marketing, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Medical Billing and Coding, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, RN – BSN, etc are provided by CTU.

Ctuonline.edu | CTU Online Login | Colorado Technical University Online Login

The main purpose of CTU is to provide career oriented education to their students. With the help of CTU online, you can take online courses, choose your preferred style of learning, interact and chat with your classmates and instructors, Join social clubs and participate in extracurricular activities in our Virtual Commons, Check out our growing communities on popular social networking sites, Make new connections through your personal Career Services mentor and much more. Colorado Technical University provides programs in the field of:

  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Business and Management
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Criminal Justice and Public Administration

How to register?

  • Open Enrollment/Registration page from enroll.coloradotech.edu
  • First, write your first name, last name and maiden name.
  • Then, enter your primary email address and social security number.
  • After that, write your primary fax, phone number and secondary number.
  • Now, select your time zone and home address with city name and postal code.
  • Now, select status of US citizenship, country and state
  • Lastly, press next button.

How to login at virtual campus of CTU?

For login purpose, Open login page for virtual campus of CTU at campus.ctuonline.edu, Enter your user ID and password and click on login button. If you forget your password, then click here. If you have any type of queries, then call at 1-800-416-8904 or current student call at 1-866-813-1836.

Screenshot of www.coloradotech.com :

Ctuonline.edu | CTU Online Login | Colorado Technical University Online Login

How to get online admission?

  • Open the Request Information page at www.coloradotech.edu/
  • Enter your name, last name and select country
  • Then, write address, city name, state name and zip code.
  • After that, write email address and your evening phone call and day phone.
  • Now, enter your high school graduation or GED completion date
  • Then, enter your interested campus name and type of degree program
  • Now, select concentration interested and how did you hear about CTU
  • Lastly, tick on admissions representative will call me to discuss my specific goals option and press submit button.

Purposes of CTU:

  1. Select faculty with demonstrated industry experience, advanced degrees and teaching qualifications to deliver industry-current education; provide on-going professional development, review and certification, especially in fostering student success through teaching and support.
  2. Use the CTU Professional Learning Model™ to foster ready-to-achieve learning experiences that result in demonstrated competencies; students are provided hands-on, industry-related, problem-solving experiences that model the professional environment and encourage achievements that lead to student and employer success.
  3. Ensure high-tech is integrated with high-touch customer service; provide students with a sensitive and motivating environment of supportive services in career planning, academic advising, and financial and career services to enhance students’ probability of success.
  4. Maintain current and relevant programs through active participation with the business community; this interaction is conducted through our advisory boards and faculty selection, and enables Colorado Technical University to identify and implement timely curriculum and equipment changes in selected programs.
  5. Provide an environment that is conducive to professional growth, encouraging the faculty and administrative team to engage in scholarly and professional activities that support the university’s mission and the needs of its students, industry and the community.
  6. Maintain its focus on learning and its commitment to continuous improvement of student learning and teaching effectiveness through systematic assessment and innovation in curriculum, delivery and service
  7. Recognize and support the diverse backgrounds and needs of its stakeholders and create an intellectual, cultural and social environment on campus and online in which the creative energy and variety of insights that result from diversity will strengthen the integrity, learning, and social fabric of the University.
  8. Maintain an applied research and problem solving focus in the CTU Professional Learning Model™ to promote an educational background at all levels that promotes students to adapt to dynamic environments, become life-long learners as well as life-long contributors to themselves, their families, their profession, and our society.


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