Chinese Students are allowed to Sleep in School for better learning

It may sound a little strange but it is true that in China students are encouraged to take an afternoon snap in school! It is absolutely normal for Chinese children to have a half-hour nap in their schools right after lunch. This concept of 30-minute nap period after lunch is called Wu Jiao in China and it is a familiar thing in schools across Mainland China and Taiwan. Allowing students to take a short nap after lunch involves no real disadvantages. In fact, all schools around the world should consider following this concept since it actually helps make students better learners. Even a scientific research revealed that people who take an after-lunch nap are better performers than those who do not.

Chinese Students are allowed to Sleep in School for better learning

The concept of Wu Jiao was introduced in schools as a solution to the problem created by long distances between home and school. Children would feel extremely tired if they go home and return to school to continue learning. And so, the school gives children a chance to take rest in the school compound itself. Having said that, it’s also true that in some Chinese schools (especially those with small buildings), kids take their traditional mid-day nap on top of their desks. No doubt this habit may seem odd but according to the teachers of these schools, children are perfectly comfortable and happy with their sleeping situation.

During the nap time, there is always a teacher in the classroom sitting there and watching the sleeping children. And surprisingly till now no one has heard of any kid falling off the desk. However, the only problem with this habit is the hardness of the wooden desks, which can make sleeping uncomfortable. It is highly recommended by the health experts that proper beds or carpets should be provided for kids in school, because sleeping on these hard wooden desks would eventually result in uneven muscle development and lateral spinal deformities in children.

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