CDS 2009 Solved Paper CDS Exam Questions Answers

CDS 2009 Solved Paper CDS Exam Questions Answers

cds 2009 solved paper. CDS (COMBINED DEFENCE SERVICE) FEBRUARY 2009 SOLVED GK, General Knowledge, PAPER

cds solved paper. CDS II exam 2009 ( key ). CDS, solved paper of GK.

CDS exam was conducted on 13-2-2009. Any score of around 60 is a good one in GK paper for CDS.

1. Which one of the following is used as a mordant in dyeing and tanning industry?
(A) Magnesium oxide (B) Magnesium carbonate (C) Magnesium chloride (d) Magnesium sulphate

2. By which one of the following, an old written material which cannot be read easily, can be read?
A) y-rays (B) X-rays (C) IR-rays (d) Radiofrequency waves

3. Which one of the following char-acteristics is common among parrot, platypus and kangaroo? (A) Oviparity
(B) Toothless jaws (C) Homothermy (d) Functional postanal tail

4. Which one of the following petroleum refinery products has the lowest boiling point?
(A) Kerosene
(B) Diesel
(C) Gasoline
(d) Lubricating oil

5. In which one of the following places was Asia’s first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) set up ?
(A) Santa Cruz
(B) Kandla
(C) Cochin
(D) Surat

6. Which one of the following feature films is official nominee for Oscar, 2008 from India?
(A) Rockon
(B) Walu
(C) Drona
(d) Tare Jamin Par

7. What is the correct chronological order of conferring Bharat Ratna to the following?
8. M. S. Subbalakshmi
9. Professor Amartya Sen
10. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
11. Sushri Lata Dinanath Mangeshkar
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(A) 1, 2, 3, 4 (B) 3, 1, 2, 4 (C) 2, 1, 4, 3 (d) 4, 3, 1, 2

8. Which one of the following zones of the atmosphere is rich in ozone gas?
(A) Mesosphere (B) Troposphere (C) Stratosphere (d) Ionosphere I

9. Which one of the following is an example of vestigial organ inman ?
(A) Jaw apparatus (B) Ear muscles (C) Canine teeth (d) Humerus

10. Which one of the following is a free-living bacterium that helps in nitrogen fixation in soil?
(A) Azotobacter
(B) Anabaena
(C) Azolla
(d) Nostoc

11. Which one of the following is associated with the formation of brown air in traffic congested cities?
(A) Sulphur dioxide (B) Nitrogen oxide (C) Carbon dioxide (d) Carbon monoxide

12. Which one of the following is the permissible level of noise in a silent zone at daytime?
(A) 50 dB (B) 60 dB (C) 65 dB (d) 75 dB

13. Which one of the following is the first National Park established in India?
(A) Bandipur (B) Corbett (C) Velavadar (d) Periyar

14. Bryophytes are photosynthetic but do not have vascular tissue and true roots. This feature enables them to resemble with which of the following?
(A) Fungi
(B) Algae
(C) Pteridophytes (d) Angiosperms

15. The genetically engineered ‘Golden Rice’ is rich-in which of the following?
(A) Vitamin A and nicotinic acid (B) B-carotene, Vitamina A and folic acid
(C) l3-carotene and iron (d) Vitamin A and niacin

16. Consider the following state¬ments-

1 National Parks are a special category of protected areas of land and sea coasts where people are an integral part of the system.
2. Sanctuaries are concerned with conservation of particular species.
19. Biosphere Reserves are connected with the habitat of a particular wild animal.

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