AIEBA Wage Revision IBA To 17% on Approval From UFBU

To our demand for a minimum increase of 20% in the wage bill, IBA was willing to improve their offer from 15% to 17% subject to approval by Managing Committee. UFBU wanted IBA to further improve their offer to 20%.
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Previous update Banking News – June 09, 2009 IBA calls meet with unions to preempt June 12 strike, BUSINESS STANDARD, Anindita Dey / Mumbai June 09, 2009,
After the failure of talks with the chief labour commissioner, the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) has called for a meeting of all bank unions under the United Forum of Bank Unions for further negotiations on wage revision and to persuade the employees to withdraw their planned June 12 strike.
Officials said the IBA had three major agendas to discuss, the most important being to
persuade the unions to accept the new pension scheme, otherwise known as the contributory
pension scheme, for new bank employees. Currently, the bank unions are vehemently opposing it since unions of no other sector has accepted it to date.
the amount of wage revision. The employees are demanding a 20 per cent hike in their
salary as opposed to IBA’s 15 per cent raise.

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All India Bank Employees Association, the oldest and largest national trade union centre of bank employees in India, was founded in 1946 on the 20th of April in Kolkata.

AIBEA is guided by its twin policies of

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(b) Protecting and promoting the interest of the bank employees.
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  • Anonymous

    It is unfortunate that the convenor of ufbu belongs to a clerical union and that too he is a retired person. You can imagine how the interests of the bank employees particularly the officers are safeguarded by a retired clerk.