Romney Vs Cain: Who should win the Republican presidential nomination?

If I must choose between Romney and Cain, I will choose Romney. Inevitably there will be at least one debate between (or among, should there be three candidates and the powers that be include the third one) the candidates. Unless Mr Cain bones up on foreign policy especially, but also on other domestic issues besides the economy, President Obama will make mincemeat of him.

Mr Cain carries himself well, does not appear easily intimidated, and speaks well, but seems not to have an original idea about anything other than taxes — his 9-9-9 proposal. He seems truly ignorant of other issues that concern the American voter.

Mr Romney is occasionally glib and like a political pro slithers away from answering questions he’d rather not. That he has changed his mind about ideas or programs he supported in the past is unimportant if he can justify the changes. Benjamin Franklin observed that only two types of people do not change their minds: fools and the dead. Charging a candidate with “flip-flopping” because that individual no longer holds an opinion s/he did even a year ago is a cheap shot that should be ignored.

In Mr Romney’s case is there any evidence that he has misused any government funds, failed to pay his taxes on time — in other words, would he deserve to be an Eagle Scout?

At present, he is the better candidate. Too bad the Republicans cannot find an astute, well-spoken, well-informed and charismatic Afro-American woman to run against the President. That would be a most interesting race.[link url=]

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