Obama’s Trip on $1.1 million Bus

President Barack Obama kicked off a 3-state trip on Monday Aug. 15, 2011 in Minnesota on a new $1.1 million superduper bus that has been bought by the Secret Service. He continues tour in Iowa on Tuesday and he will go at Henry County in Illinois, next to the Quad Cities on Wednesday. The president's bus has dark tinted windows, flashing red and blue lights and wholly black in color. The journey is re-election agitation under the guise of public service, according to the Republican National Committee.

Obama's Trip on $1.1 million Bus

Two new buses have been added to its fleet by the Secret Service – for the president and other for the GOP 2012 nominee. It has been cleared by the Ed Donovan (spokesman of Secret Service) that the bus was not purchased for the president only. Other dignitaries, officeholders and candidates will be using the buses for going forward in the future. A spokesperson refused to comment on the design or facility of buses' but told that the decision to buy was already taken before a year and money for the buses was taken from a fund for transportation and armored vehicles.

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