Maria Putin: Wiki, Biography, Boyfriends and Hot Photos

Maria Putin: Everything you need to know about Vladimir Putin’s daughter as she flees Dutch home.

The revelations that Vladimir Putin’s daughter has had to flee her Dutch home will cause fury for the Russian president who has always fiercely shielded her from publicity.

Maria Putin

Maria Putin reportedly lives in Voorschoten in the western portion of the Netherlands, about 10 miles from The Hague, where ironically the International Criminal Court is situated. Her boyfriend is reportedly Dutch citizen Jorrit Faasen, whom the Guardian said had high-level positions in the Russian natural gas company Gazprom and oil and gas line construction company Stroytransgaz.

Little is known about Maria Putin, as Vladimir Putin’s daughter hasn’t been officially photographed since she’s been an adult. Putin has another daughter, Yekaterina.

She was obviously well protected in Russia , nobody knew who she was, unlike the “civilized ” country of Holland where I assume she was just living her life and not bothering anybody , the civilized country of Holland invaded her privacy and wanted to deport her. [link url=]

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