Hugo Chavez Funeral in Venezuela: Photos

[postimg url=””]It not just Venezuela and its people that grieve for Hugo Chavez. Across South America many poor people feel the presence of Chavez helped improve their own lives. Moraels might never have come to power in Bolivia as example.

The reason the Western Media is so against Chavez is because he was the one most responsible for rolling back the power of the United States of America in the region. The USA still feels Latin America is their private playground where they can rape murder and steal at will. Those cheering the death of Chavez like an Obama are pissed that Latin America has told the US to bugger off.

He was a great leader for his people. He nationalized resources and turn the monies to educate and health care. Those who hated him were the ones who wanted to exploit the country. He did take money away from the wealthy opportunists. Not that they didn’t have it, it was that instead of them bleeding the country like in the USA he turned the money back to the people. The wallstreeters, bankers, oil companies and any organized crime related to these organizations hated him and tried to oust him. America can’t stand what they can’t control and have exploited. Some of his ways were not the best, but then neither are the cooperate ways the best, they will go the cheap route causing deaths. We have the richest country and the honor to abide and keep safe that which we have are in the hands of the co-operations, and yet they can’t stand paying health insurance for their workers because it breaks their bottom line. Companies cut corners to increase their dividends to their stock holders instead of doing things with moderation and if the stockholders don’t like moderation then move to another country, like North Korea. Health Insurance is a joke in this country, the industry are criminal. If we were to nationalize it, the insurance companies would whine and throw tantrums. But, that’s what should be done. For, the kind of care being given is no different than socialized medicine, only we pay outrageous costs. So, if we nationalize the oil, and all other resources and turn it over to education and health care, many would be wealthy not the organized criminals of cooperate america, military industrial complex and wall street.

Does Chavez’s funeral look to you like he was a brutal dictator? Looks to me like he was loved by the masses. But I wonder how long before one of America’s economic hit men pay Maduro a visit?[link url=]

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