Bob Perry: The Biggest Campaign Contributor Dies

Bob Perry, the U.S.A’s biggest political contributor passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 13, 2013 at the age of 80. He was the founder of one the most respected and largest real estate empire “Perry Homes”. His company was ranked as country’s 42nd largest company with the earnings of $ 420 million in 2002. Bob Perry died at his home in Nassau Bay, near Houston. But the reason for his death is not revealed yet.

He was one of the biggest donors of the Republican who dominated the Texas political landscape. Perry was one of very vigorous donor at the state as well as national level. According to The Texas Tribune, since 2000 Perry has granted nearly $38 million to candidates and political groups outside Texas has contributed $28 million to more than 400 candidates and political committees in his home state. In 2004 Perry was in news with his mega contributions to Swift Boat Veterans which ran a controversial ad campaign that has raised question on John Kerry’s service in Vietnam.

Perry has also financially helped Texas Government. He had not supported Romney only but also Tim Pawlenty and others candidates in President Election. He was a chief contributor to the Republican candidates, with contribution to George W. Bush’s campaigns for Texas governor and his presidential races, as well as to Republican groups and causes. Many donor gives donation in order to get power but Perry did not like to show off , as he never attend any fundraising event, never threaten, and never he even did not asked the governor for the usual appointments to state board. Perry avoids discussing his personal life in media and rarely gives any interview. He remains as an unreadable figure.
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