Tyler Hansbrough New Girlfriend Christy Wilson Affair

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Tyler Hansbrough's Girlfriend Issue ?, Tyler Hansbrough Girlfriend Information, Tyler Hansbrough Girlfriend Pics, Christy Wilson Tyler's Girlfriend, Tyler Hansbrough's Girlfriend: Christy WilsonDoes Tyler Hansbrough have a girlfriend? The answer is yes! People have been buzzing on the Internets wondering who's Tyler Hansbrough's girlfriend. Christy Wilson is the name of the girlfriend of Tyler Hansbrough.

Christy Wilson lives in Lincoln County, and sources say that Tyler Hansbrough loves her girlfriend a lot. Tyler Hansbrough is the Football Player. From an interview, Tyler Hansbrough said "My girlfriend loves to cook." If Tyler Hansbrough really dating Christy Wilson so well for him.

When Christy Wilson first broke into the scene in 2001, it was not for her music at all, but as a vocalist in the Power House, a local start-up rock band covers Melissa Etheridge, rubbish and Gwen Stefani.

Now lets get about Tyler Hansbrough personal lives. Tyler Hansbrough is an American collegiate football player for North Carolina Tar heels men's basketball team. Andrew Tyler Hansbrough was born 3 November 1985 in Columbia, Missouri.

In 2005, Tyler Hansbrough helped Poplar Bluff beat then undefeated and number one team in the nation, Vashon High School. In 2008, Hansbrough swept all major individual honors in men's basketball. Hansbrough is affectionately known as "psycho T" by UNC fans.

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5 years 23 weeks


hello tyler are you going to play forn nc
next year?6

5 years 28 weeks


tyler hansbrough is a basketball player.. not football... and it says tyler hansbrough loves her girlfriend alot... what? he is deff. a man.. thats why he plays mens BASKETBALL.

5 years 29 weeks

tyler hansbroughs a

tyler hansbroughs a basketballl player stupiiiid u make no sense

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