Telangana Districts Map - Andhra Pradesh Map Divided to Andhra & Telangana State

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Andhra Pradesh District Map, District Of Andhra Pradesh, maps of Andhra Pradesh Map

Telangana people celebrating the Telangana region, On december 10th, Thursday, a day after the central government decided to initiate the process of granting it separate Andhra Pradesh sate. Workers of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), students and other sections of people and nine other districts of the region celebrated the victory through Wednesday night.

On December 9, 2009, the Central government stated that Telangana will be seperated from Andhra Pradesh to create a new state, may be naming Teangana State. Telangana means "land of Telugus".

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4 years 31 weeks

we need telangana

andhra politekal ledars is like animals so we need our telangana

4 years 31 weeks

telangana issue

i want combine andhra for development of india and andhra pradesh.if telangana divided then hyderabad gone very back.it effects total india in different ways

4 years 31 weeks


First of all, WAKE UP people, there was no country called INDIA 200 yrs back. The name India is a colonial name, given to the British colony in the "subcontinent". There is so much diversity in this "country", it is not possible to live "united" and call ourselves Indians. This is very true, though people deny it. I advocate a single currency system and divided states, similar to the European Union. People who say India is incredible and great are hypocrites. How can India be great when majority of its citizens are poor? Dividing a state ethnically will never bring its downfall, it is a lie spread by people in power for fear of losing rule over a territory. Lesser territory means less corruption, less "revenue". Anyway why isnt India a developed nation even after 63 ******* years?, the answer is India will never be, coz the greedy PIGS in power will make sure it dosnt happen and opposing Telangana state is one of their ways. I hate this "country".

4 years 31 weeks

Hyderabadis don't want this crap

400 years of muslim rule kept Telangana in terrirble backwardness and illitercy.
Hope for this region came only with the formation of Andhra Pradesh..with investment from all districts pumped into the region, the region saw unforseen progress be it in terms of education, health, infra ..
It took the proactive participation lakhs of people from other regions (many who sod their lands and invested in the city be it for their kids educationor be it for better prospects)..The region now has risen to a level where it is almost on par with the rest of the state.
Now greed kicked in, and so-called T-leaders saw the oppurtunity to gain power only if the state is divided. This is detrimental in many ways to the people of the state and more so the region. These leaders wish to achieve their cause(filler their own coffers) by infiltrating student bodies..bribing families of students committing suicides, blocking police from performing their duties even in the presence of gross violence; disallowing the commonman from expressing his true feelings through violent means; buying off the labor class with empty promises and cheapliquor; prevention of free and fair expression of thoughts of the common man!!!
I pray that people will wake up to the true colors of all this in time and prevent the formation of a tiny little backward state with greedy crooks as their political leaders. It will a combination of Jhakand style (madhukoda-type)corrupt leadership aided by thackeray style intolerence(with eager Kavita ben n waiting)..its a writing on the wall..Hyderabadis want none of this crap!! Wake up Hyderabadis and lodge your protest!!!

4 years 34 weeks

jai telangana

this is the reply to ANONYMOUS
Dear what u know about telangana?frist u know reason behind for telangana?
today u r bossa minister of AP govt agree for telangana and his comments on telangana 100% correct.
dont make comments on telangana?
what is the unity u r people from semandhra are
u dont have funds to run u r govt before the united AP?

4 years 37 weeks

Power of Unity.

Imagine the divided Andhra Pradesh map we are loosing our head separate. the other neighboring states are looking one small weak state above them to develop their state. Very bad politics. Telangana people should think for a while. the development is possible only when we are together. you people are mis guided by the political leaders, who doesnt have any more work to do? They want an issue they have take it into the media for their political existence. not only telangana even seemandhra political leaders are all one and the same. They want money ultimately. If they really want to develop the state why there is poverty still existing even after 63 years of our independence? think if they cut 50% of their corruption we would have been No.1 position in the world itself. All andhra people think for a while and act for the United Andhra. Even Germany when they divided they have not developed now they came to know the power of unity.

4 years 39 weeks

bad politics

telangana is in the pockets of political leaders.so avoid politics in seperating telangana.Telangana is now in the hands of people

4 years 41 weeks

Nobody cares for TRS

Its not only TRS that needs a new state. The agitation for a new state started 56yrs back. People started it again & TRS just supported it. Even if TRS party vanishes in thin air nobody cares. But the new state of Telangana should form.

4 years 42 weeks

Andhar Pradesh Split

Why TRS need a new state If at all they want to improve let TRS party be moved out and lets declare no more TRS will KCR accept for this for this telaganaa people?

4 years 45 weeks

Andhar Pradesh Split

This is not a possitive attitude for India's progress. Mahatma Gandhi workes so hard for us and ensured he retainted India for us. Now people are misusing his ideas and spliting India to pieces.. God save all of us...

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