Steve Jobs’ funeral to be held by Westboro Church

As per the tweet of Margie J Phelps (one of the leader of Westboro Baptist church), Westboro Baptist Church will protest the funeral of Steve Jobs. Margie J Phelps has tweeted this from her Apple iPhone. Westboro Baptist Church members are always seeking chance to get attention. 56 years old Steve Jobs died yesterday because of pancreatic cancer. He had recently resigned from CEO post leaving Tim Cook as the CEO. Till now, there are no details revealed about the funeral.

Steve Jobs funeral to be held by Westboro Church

Westboro Baptist Church always protests high profile funerals of celebrities and other occasions which get them in front of cameras. After this tweet by Margie J Phelps, Twitter is aflutter with short blurb of comments calling Phelps's hilarious and disgusting show of asshattery. This tweet will bring shame & dishonor in her house as well as make WBC members the laughing stock of society. It doesn’t matter what Westboro does at the Steve’s funeral, it seem that he will win in the end.

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