Ron and Joy Holiday Tragedy

Documentary About Ron and Joy Holiday Tragedy | Cat Dancers at SxSW Joy and Ron Holidy | Ron and Joy’s love story in "Cat Dancers" | Cat Entertainers starting in The 1960’s.

Imagine a boy and girl who meet when they are 7 and 11 respectively in ballet class in Biddeford, Maine in 1954. "Cat Dancers" is their love story this boy and girl, who called themselves, "Cat Dancers" were Ron and Joy Holiday, a husband and wife team, who became one of the world’s earliest exotic cat entertainers starting in the 1960’s. They went on to perform together for almost 4 decades. Their act and their lives changed dramatically when the handsome young Chuck Lizza joined the performing pair in the 1980’s. But, in 1998, tragedy struck when their prized white Bengal tiger, Jupiter, killed not once, but twice in the course of 5 weeks leaving Ron Holiday alone to heal.

Ron and Joy Holiday

Cat Dancers is my directorial debut as a documentary filmmaker. I graduated from Brown University and The Yale School of Drama and have performed as an actor Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, and in numerous independent films and television. I produced the short film ANT that premiered in 2002 at The Tribeca Film Festival and played at the 2003 Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival. I also co-starred in and was the Executive Producer of the award-winning short Ethan and Alan. For two years I was the Co-Artistic Director of The Met Theatre (LA), a position I recently left to devote my time to finishing Cat Dancers. Read More To Click Here.

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  • Anonymous

    I was searching for the recent documentarys on Hbo last night, and read the story of Ron and Joy, I recorded it so I could watch it after work, what an incredible beautiful story!! I was saddened and yet I wished I could of had that kind of love and passion those 3 people had for each other and those wonderful cats they all loved. Olivia…

  • Anonymous

    I worked with them with my sister while they were on MDI in the early 1980s. What animals; what people!