Paul Walker Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell

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Paul Walker's girlfriend name is Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell. The Fast and Furious star has caught the attention of the media because Paul Walker started dating Jasmine when she was underage just 16 and he was 32. Jasmine is now 19 and currently a student at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Paul WalkerPaul Walker from The Fast and the Furious is engaged to his teenage girlfriend. Paul was one of the hotties from the popular movie and teens were the main audience. He must have picked up a real fan, because now he is engaged to one. The big deal is that Paul is 35 years old. He began dating the woman, who is now 19 years old, three years ago. She was 16 and he was 32.Paul has a nine year old daughter from a previous relationship.

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4 years 32 weeks

jealous people

wow u guys are just jealous that his girlfriend is not you...age is just a number but he could have really done better..x

4 years 34 weeks

Sb hangout

I just saw him at CPK in Santa Barbara with her and his daughter.... She looks snotty....

4 years 39 weeks

you are paaathetic

It would only be illegal if he were having sex with her for the first 2 years of their relationship which maybe he did not? Is that too hard to imagine?

4 years 41 weeks

His marrying a 19 yr-old

Not sure if I'm cool with that. However Paul is so fine that I could care less about that little girl. I just want to lick him until my tongue is sore.

4 years 43 weeks


I think Paul is a really good guy. And i may think dat his gf is ugly but
However he's not the first celeb who has age different in their relationship.. . Love is love ppl.

5 years 3 weeks

I think you all either wish

I think you all either wish you could date him or wish you were him.

5 years 7 weeks

He is a shitty actor and

He is a shitty actor and likes ugly girls. What kind of 30-something dates a teenager? A lowlife.

5 years 10 weeks


This is pathetic, he should be in jail for that. I cannot believe that her parents allowed this. Apparently 'mr' Walkers can't take it on real women and he goes after kids.

5 years 18 weeks

fantastic! he has the

fantastic! he has the charisma though.

5 years 20 weeks


how could you ask a 19 year old girl to marry you if your 35 KRAZY

5 years 28 weeks


wow thats all I got to say.

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