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Nevada Appliance Rebate, is the Nevada Appliance Rebate Program website to get info about Nevada Rebate and Reserve Your Rebate. The Nevada State Office of Energy (NSOE) believes that a reliable, affordable and diverse energy supply that is used efficiently will protect these qualities for future generations.

The State of Nevada has about $2,495,000 for the Nevada State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program. The Nevada Appliance Rebate Program will start on April 17, 2010.

Visit Nevada Appliance Rebate navigation of website where you can find following kinds of information.


Renewable Energy:
Renewable Energy Incentives
Renewable Energy Rebates
Renewable Energy Tax Abatement

Energy Efficiency:

Appliance Rebate Program Partner Solicitation (pdf)
Appliance Rebate Reward Letter (pdf)
Appliance Rebate News Release (pdf)
Appliance Rebate Flier (pdf)
Energy Efficiency Incentives

The PDF file of Economic Development Incentives
and Green Building Abatement (Partial Property Tax) are also provided from download and get detailed information.

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