Nayantara massage video leaked

Currently Nayantara’s body rubdown video is on internet hot search, but it is not to deprecate Nayan, instead she disclose the valuable facts about massage. In her early stages of career Nayan was impressive and was also notice as a feathery babe in the movie Gajini. But now she has a good toned body and has missing her body fat. The reason for this she said to be her every day body massage.

Nayantara ImageSo, she take a video clipped of her massage session and her planning is to make a DVD. But this Video clip is now exist on a web site which skin Masala Videos.

Her masseur Harsha rob different oils from plant and weeds and rub them on the body of Nayan. Then the beautiful actress is go to take a steam bath room and is allowed to take steamed for 15 minutes. This decrease the additional flab and so Nayan always seem fresh and fat free.

Harsha is a fresh girl from Kerala and is tall that she massages Nayan from top to bottom .then she go to the steam room with Nayan and once more time massages the body of her. It must be notice that Nayan will be totally without clothes for the duration of her massage session.

For this good rub Nayan pays Harsha a sum of Rs 28,000 every month.

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