Miley Cyrus found Pant less in Canada

The former "Hannah Montana", Miley Cyrus, always wants a reason to be in news and this time again she has become the talk of the town. She and her boyfriend Liam were on vacation in Canada and she was spotted with him in the northern area of Alberta. Liam was wearing a black T-shirt and khakis while Miley was wearing a Tupac t-shirt, covered by a camouflage military jacket and that’s it. Yes, again she goes pant less.

Miley Cyrus found Pant less in Canada

One lucky fan posed with her and Liam, in which she again was pant less at the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta. This photograph of her went viral on the Twitterverse. Another fan spotted her with hiking in the mountains. From last several times she is being spotted pant less. It was rumored that 20 years old, Miley is having problem in her love life but the photo does not give a hint of it however it seems that her relationship with Liam doing just fine. Now, one more word can be added to her along with funky, sexy, fashionable and PANT LESS.

The reason behind Miley going pant less several times is unknown and it is also unknown whether it is just for the publicity or something bigger than that. One thing for sure is that when you are famous, privacy is not for you.

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