Meredith Kercher Crime Scene Photo

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Chilling Picture of Meredith Kercher Murder Scene

The European Newspapers published a crime scene Photo of Meredith Kercher’s murder. Picture of the crime scene, where British student Meredith Kercher was killed have been shown to a court in Italy.

Meredith Kercher Crime Scene Photo

The 21 years old Meredith Kercher was studying at Perugia's University for Foreigners, was found in November 2007 in a pool of blood. The court has already heard how Meredith Kercher was found semi-naked with her throat cut in November 2007.

Meredith Kercher Crime Scene Photo

The Daily Beast published news as British student Meredith Kercher was sexually assaulted, tortured, and strangled before dying from a knife wound to her neck in 13th November 2007. An American exchange student Amanda Knox of 21 and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of 25 have been accused of killing Meredith Kercher who was Amanda Knox’s flat mate for refusing to play a sex game. She will take to the stand today to be a witness for the first time in the Meredith Kercher murder trial.

Video of Meredith Kercher Murder Scene from Youtube

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4 years 33 weeks


To be perfectly frank...I'm ashamed of 90% of all the bloggers who've responded here. This case is not about American's or Italians or the French or any other race, religion or creed. It's about a murdered girl and the suspects claiming their innocence. I don't know who's guilty, and It's not my right to place blame. I'm American and I've been to Italy and lived in Germany. I love Europe. I love the USA. Do I think that there are things that both have done no one agrees with. Yep. But all of you finger pointing at an entire country (IN EITHER DIRECTION) really should think about the "human factor". They're people. Who cares where they're from.

4 years 34 weeks

people in glass houses should not through stones

i live in America and there's plenty of stench hear believe me every one in jail in American is innocent no one is guilty some body El's did it there all in denial sex offenders walk free and re offend and kill young women and teens not to forget the children and it's business as usual all the time a great place to raise your family lol my sympathy to the kercher family and may the guilty rot in jail.

4 years 36 weeks

just want to interupted

white people were very bad since past 50 decades, now and forever ever..they all doesn't have brain to think because they influence by alcohol..all the american and italian are the same..syedhelmi@ymail.com

4 years 40 weeks

you need us

europe needs usa ,eh! you guys invented friendly fire!!! just let you know that when europe needed 'you' in 1939 you were conciencious objectors...hmm WWII stated in 39 not 41 you could have then saved more lives..we need arrogant big heads now like a hole in the head.. now do me a favour and praise your flag and stare at your statue of liberty (the french gave you, you know the europeans) for helping them kill innocent women and children in their sleep during your independance. or did you forget that bit of european help that shaped your countrys morale basis!

4 years 40 weeks

Got us an American!!!!

Why not just drowned her and see if she's a witch!Really all the evidence clearly points to guede.Nobody cares about the truth or facts. Its only exciting if people can stretch this into a sadistic halloween story.Really now!!! Find something more productive than framing little girls who visit this country!

4 years 45 weeks

only 1 american involved

And only 1 Italian involved....soooooo why does this make Americans bad?....Over all Americans are good people just as the Italian and all nations....All nations have "bad apples"...

4 years 46 weeks

You need us!

Are you kidding me? Whenever there is a problem in the world, you punks call on the US of A! Now, you want to talk trash? The next time Europe needs us, we should put them on hold...permanently! How dare you?
You people can call it "free" if you'd like. I have lived in Europe, and you people are freaks in EVERY sense of the word! You are also the smelliest bunch of brutes I've ever had the displeasure of knowing-- although some of the best perfumes are so-called European; go figure.... You look more alien than us!
This blog is supposed to be about a horrific crime that stole a precious life. Don't blast an entire country for the sins (crimes) of others, because we didn't do it. Shall I remind you of your own country's history? How about Europe as a whole? I do not think you will like that at all! Everyone has their own demons to contend with, and it is not FAIR to blame all Americans. WE are NOT on trial here, aliens...
God bless the USA! Hoo-rah!

4 years 47 weeks

it's not fair what vanity

it's not fair what vanity fair journalist said about us italians,that we are provincial and closed minded,or that our laws are the same as inquisition,and we are medieval.it's very sad hearing all this stuff cause maybe this woman forget that a girl is dead and she is the real victim of this case.i'm italian and very proud of it and i can swear our justice is rarely wrong,expecially when young people are involved.this woman said to all americans on cnn to avoid coming to italy cause they can go to prison only if they behave a little weird.another said that it would be better if amanda would be on trial in iran.are you kidding me?in italy we are free,we can do whatever we want.our country is one of the most free of all europe!

4 years 47 weeks

aliens are involve

i believe that italian people are good people..note that the people involve are mainly americans and victims was brit. dnt 4get that as long there'are americans in your yard.you can nver be so sure for you life.i mean they are freak people used into there lifestyle

4 years 47 weeks

at least you can visit Knox

at least you can visit Knox in prison, Kercher's parents will never see her again.

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