Medusa: The world’s largest snake

Medusa is a 25-feet long giant snake with more than 300 lbs weight. It is just 7 year old and 15 people are required to hold it. The name Medusa is given to this snake after the ugly creature from Greek mythology. This giant python is presently living in captivity at the Edge of Hell haunted house attraction in Kansas City and there it is fed up with a 40lb animal about one time a week.

Medusa: The world's largest snake

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According to World Records Academy, captivity of Medusa will set the new world record for the largest snake alive in captivity. This world record for the largest snake alive in captivity was previously set by Fluffy. Fluffy was a 24-feet long reticulated python and was died due to an apparent tumor at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio, USA. Guinness Book of World Records representatives will soon visit Medusa for verifying her new standing as the world's largest snake in captivity.

According to Larry Elgar, the trainer of Medusa, this type of snake has been eminent to eat humans and can easily eat something more than 100lbs. He said that they are man eaters and they've actually cut people out of them. Larry Elgar told in NBC Action News that the massive python does not threaten him. According to him, fear is just a lack of understanding and he knows the repercussions but that's no reason to fear. Larry said he bought the 7 year old snake as a baby which is still growing. 7 years ago, she was only 24 inches long. Medusa could grow as heavy as 500 pounds and could live well into her 50s, as expected by Edgar.

World's largest snake 'Medusa' video from Youtube

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