Mary Louise Shows Off Her Big Nip**les Bathtub Photos

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Mary Louise Parker 'goaded into n@ked scene' in bathtub

As we know Actress Mary-Louise Parker stripped off her clothes for the season finale of “Weeds” last year but she confessed she was required into it. Mary-Louise didn’t want to picture her breasts and saw no reason to do so. Her big nip**les are the hottest thing on the internet. About the exposed scene she was seen in where she set topless in the bathtub on last year’s season finale of "Weeds".

Mary Louise Shows Off Her Big Nip**les Weed Racy Photos

Actress Mary Louise Parker B**bs Photos feels regret, remorse, and that she were goaded into appearing nude on the season finale of the Showtime hit Weeds by the director of the show. Parker was admits by more magazine,” I did not think I wanted to be n*de, and I quarreled with the director about it, and now I’m bitter”. Read more info about Mary Louise Parker click Here.

There is a chance that Mary-Louise Parker will not return for a seventh season of “Weeds”. If she doesn’t feel relaxed to work with the directors and producers of the show, I think Mary-Louise is doing the right thing. Even with being bitter over the undressed scene, Parker still very much enjoys in performance her character on the show.

See Mary-Louise Parker “Weeds” Topless Photos Below :

Mary Louise Shows Off Her Big Nip**les Weed Racy PhotosMary Louise Shows Off Her Big Nip**les Weed Racy Photos

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