Lindsay Mills is Edward Snowden’s new girlfriend

Lindsay Mills is a girlfriend of Edward Snowden who is the NSA whistleblower that leaked classified documents about US surveillance operation PRISM. He has leaved Hawaii, and also checked out from the hotel of the Hong Kong after revealing himself as a source of leak and no one knows that where he is right now. He leaked the information that how government is spying on their own citizen. After leaking the NSA information, Edward Snowden leave his girlfriend Mills behind in Hawaii only, where they both lived together in live-in relationship.

Lindsay Mills is Edward Snowden's new girlfriend

Lindsay Mills is a pole dancer who calls herself as world-traveling, pole-dancing super hero and she hinted about the NSA whistleblower Snowden’s disappearance by giving the statement on her blog. Her boyfriend left the Hawaii by telling to her that he will be away from town for few days but she doesn’t know anything and has no clue where he is right now. Lindsay Mills always write about Edward and her love, story and adventure they both have, but she never use full name of him; she just recognize him on blog with alphabet ‘E’.

She has written in her blog that "Sometimes life doesn't afford proper goodbyes." She also wrote that she feels sick, exhausted, and carrying the weight of the world. From all posts of the Mills’s blog, it is revealed that, this not so famous couple had visited Hong Kong earlier once. Besides, they have lived in Japan. Mills use her blog as personal diary and platform to promote her work but she is totally unaware that her so called personal diary or blog can create a problem for her beloved Edward Snowden.

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