Kywan Fisher, A BitTorrent user has to pay $1.5 Million for sharing 10 illegal Movies

US BitTorrent user, Kywan Fisher has been fined $1.5 million to an adult entertainment company, Flava Works for unlawfully sharing 10 of its movies online, by Illinois federal court Judge John Lee. This fine is supposed to be the biggest ever charged in a file-sharing case in US, partially because Mr Fisher not succeeded to show up in court or offer a protection. Virginia man, Kywan Fisher was charged of ripping the movies from online movie portal of Flava Works and then sharing them out on P2P (peer-to-peer) distribution networks as torrent files. He has to pay $150,000 per film shared as per the order from judge in a federal court.

Kywan Fisher, A BitTorrent user has to pay $1.5 Million for sharing 10 illegal Movies

Kywan Fisher was blamed for breaking Flava's copyright based on the fact that distributing each of the movies which had a unique encrypted code. Fisher’s actions could be traced back unswervingly to his account because he was a paid subscriber to the Flava Works adult movie streaming site. Flava had his complete contact information to start legal procedures against him.

Virginia man not succeeded to appear in court to protect him, which many think to have been partially the cause for the utmost probable statutory injures. Fisher has to pay an enormous $435 per download to Flava because it was disclosed in court that the movies were purportedly downloaded over 3,449 times. As per the report from BBC, Flava adult entertainment company took legal action agaist 15 people for copying illegally its movies and Mr Fisher was one of them. Recently, it is unknown whether Fisher will appeal in the court or not.

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