Kerala Hajj Committee Application Form for Hajj 2010

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Kerala Hajj Committee Website, Application Form for Hajj 2010, haj.kerala.nic.in

The Haj Committee of India has announced the Programme for Haj 1431 (H) – 2010, Single Haj Application Form for provisional registration for Haj 1431 (H) – 2010, are available with all the State Haj Committees with effect from 1st April 2010, free of cost.

Kerala Hajj Committee Application Form for Hajj 2010

The application form for Hajj 2010 can be downloaded from http://haj.kerala.nic.in/haj2010form.pdf – hajj 2010 form.

Haj is mentioned in the Hadith as one of the Pillars of Islam. Haj is an imperative duty (Fardh) for all Muslims who have the resources to carry it out. It is to be performed during the days of Haj, once in a lifetime. However, one may perform it more than once. Haj is an ibadah in which money is spent in Allah’s way and strength is sacrificed for the pleasure of Allah.

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