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KCAL9.com is for Southern California’s Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports website.

The aim of KCAL9 is to provide a breaking news, city Weather news and City traffic details to your home at your desk. KCAL 9 is one of the leading news and sports networks in Los Angeles with the only 3 hour news block in prime time.

Administrative Office Address:

CBS Corp, New York NY, US 10019

[link url=http://cbs2.com/kcal/]

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  • Anonymous

    You omitted the great contribution of the Poles who created an copy of the enigma machine sight unseen.
    The Pole presented the copy in a most secret gift to the British before Poland was overrun.
    Without that gift the balance might have tipped in favor of the axis. Kcal 9 owe at least recognition of this act of courage. The Polish codebrakers fled through neutral countries or France before it was overrun and continued their work I Britain.
    Martin Jones

  • Anonymous

    i might be able to help;although just a plain ole white guy,im also a qigong master;isend heat &vibration to “bad spots”wherever they may be;it takes a few mins &i dont charge (never have) qigong is some 10,000 yrs old in china;a modern term is”bio electro-magnetic energy”. if jim hill would like to be a go-between im at 714 840 2985. ivan stanton.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Mr. President, for making this day a special one for all people.

    Debra Hearns and family, Mitchell’s and Johnson family. GOD BLESS you and your family Mr. President.

  • Anonymous

    Jackie needs to polish up her sloppy diction
    [TEMPACHUR for TEMPERATURE], un-professional reference to her female co-workers when she ends her weather report with: “Now back to
    YOU GUYS.” {Sandra & Lena are NOT g u y s !
    One final caveat ~ her too-short dresses give
    the impression of something between a floozie and a hooker. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT !!!