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KCAL9.com is for Southern California’s Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports website.

The aim of KCAL9 is to provide a breaking news, city Weather news and City traffic details to your home at your desk. KCAL 9 is one of the leading news and sports networks in Los Angeles with the only 3 hour news block in prime time.

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CBS Corp, New York NY, US 10019

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  • Anonymous

    You omitted the great contribution of the Poles who created an copy of the enigma machine sight unseen.
    The Pole presented the copy in a most secret gift to the British before Poland was overrun.
    Without that gift the balance might have tipped in favor of the axis. Kcal 9 owe at least recognition of this act of courage. The Polish codebrakers fled through neutral countries or France before it was overrun and continued their work I Britain.
    Martin Jones

  • Anonymous

    i might be able to help;although just a plain ole white guy,im also a qigong master;isend heat &vibration to “bad spots”wherever they may be;it takes a few mins &i dont charge (never have) qigong is some 10,000 yrs old in china;a modern term is”bio electro-magnetic energy”. if jim hill would like to be a go-between im at 714 840 2985. ivan stanton.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Mr. President, for making this day a special one for all people.

    Debra Hearns and family, Mitchell’s and Johnson family. GOD BLESS you and your family Mr. President.

  • Anonymous

    Jackie needs to polish up her sloppy diction
    [TEMPACHUR for TEMPERATURE], un-professional reference to her female co-workers when she ends her weather report with: “Now back to
    YOU GUYS.” {Sandra & Lena are NOT g u y s !
    One final caveat ~ her too-short dresses give
    the impression of something between a floozie and a hooker. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT !!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is the Governor Arnold Swarzenegger spending $40,000,000 on body guards?$25,000,000 more than the Gov before him? Gov. A. S. said he didn’t want to get paid but obviously he wanted to use the budget for his personal interest. Now, too many offices are closed and jobs lost. Even Sup. Antonovich’s office needs to be shaken up. When complaining about sincere problems regarding gov. employees, they dilly dally-over $50,000. was blown a few years ago by the water well employees harassing me (the neighbor) It’s on record. Many gov. employees are too comfortable and think they are home when using the budget. I saw a small claims typist in LA walk in with filthy, fluffy slippers to work the cases that day. And, the judge was incompetent. Another real example. They should have been weeded out and the serious, integrity filled employees honored. The system is obviously destroyed by personal greed. Posted by-Delicious