David Buckner Glenn Beck’s show faints Video

David Buckner, professor of organizational leadership at Columbia University, appeared live on Fox News Glenn Beck’s show Monday afternoon.
 David Buckner faints on Glenn Beck's showHere’s how the David Buckner incident played out:
"You all right?" Beck asked Buckner in the middle of a discussion on government investments.

"I’m passing out," Buckner told Beck.
"Want to sit down?" he asked, before the guest fell to the floor. "We’ll be back in just a second," he said, and then the show cut to commercial.
Glenn Beck and Fox News announced that the controversial conservative host with almost a cult is a comedy tour this summer. Change the name of Common Sense by Glenn Beck’s Comedy Tour six stops show starts on
1 June 2009 in Denver Colorado and will focus on a common sense of the satire of government decisions and policies based on the revolutionary work of Thomas Paine.
The Common Sense Glenn Beck Comedy Tour also play live in Phoenix, San Diego, Kansas City, Houston and Richmond.

Watch The David Buckner faints on Glenn Beck’s show Video(YouTube):

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